WM is North America’s largest recycler. In 2023, the company managed 15 million tons of recyclable commodities with a goal to manage more than 25 million tons each year by 2030.

To achieve this, WM is investing more than $1 billion in new and upgraded recycling facilities companywide through 2026.

In Florida, WM invested approximately $15 million to build WM Recycling Deerfield, a state-of-the-art Construction & Demolition debris (C&D) recycling facility in Deerfield Beach.

WM also constructed WM Recycling Oakes Road in Davie as a state-of-the-art, $15 million dollar facility for processing C&D debris, yard waste and bulk waste.

WM is now processing approximately 720,000 tons per year of C&D debris and bulk waste for recycling in Broward County.

The company’s Reuter Recycling facilities in Pembroke Pines is one of the largest single-stream recycling facilities in the nation processing nearly 300,000 tons of material annually.

In the Fall of 2024, WM is also breaking ground on the $80 million WM Recycling South Florida facility adjacent to Reuter Recycling in Pembroke Pines which will be one of the largest, and most technologically advanced, single-stream recycling facilities in the nation.